Got No Shoes, Got No Blues

The Texas International Pop Festival


1 hour and 19 minutes of the festival

Interviews, Music, Freaks Galore!

Warning! This video is in awful shape, 
but if you were there or, if you're
interested in the festival,
it's worth the cost!



I've had a few people say they didn't understand what to do to get the video.
I realize that some of you aren't exactly e-savvy, 
so, in case you aren't sure how to do this, let me explain it further:

If you go to you'll see a tab that says "Donate online" at the top right. 
Click on that and follow the instructions. 
Once you donate, they will email you with a confirmation. 
Click on that email. In your email browser, click the "FORWARD" button. 
In the "To:" box, put my email address,
You can type your own message in the message area above the message from Doctors Without Borders. 
Give me your mailing address in the forwarded email.
Also tell me whether you want the DVD or a VHS tape.
 When I receive the forwarded confirmation, I'll send your DVD.

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